What Kind of MicroSD/SDHC Cards can be Used? POCKETRAK C24

Last Update: 10/09/2010

Check the list below for microSD/SDHC cards that have been tested for proper operation with the POCKETRAK C24.

Confirmed microSD/SDHC *as of May 2010
Manufacturer Model Capacity
Toshiba SD-MD001GA microSD/1GB
SD-MD002GA microSD/2GB
SD-MF002G microSD/2GB
SD-MD004GA microSDHC/4GB
SD-MF004G microSDHC/4GB
SD-MD008GA microSDHC/8GB
SD-MF008G microSDHC/8GB
SD-ME016GA microSDHC/16GB
SD-MF016G microSDHC/16GB
Panasonic RP-SM01GCJ1K microSD/1GB
RP-SM02GCJ1K microSD/2GB

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