What are the Features of the P0CKETRAK CX?

Last Update: 05/16/2013

The POCKETRAK CX is a handy portable audio recorder that has the following main features:

• Newly Developed X-Y Stereo Microphone
While providing extremely wide coverage this system delivers astonishingly natural stereo imaging with smooth, uniform response from full left to full right, without the level variations and phase anomalies that plague common stereo microphones.

• Linear PCM and MP3 Recording
Use uncompressed linear PCM recording when you want the absolute best in sonic transparency and presence, or efficient and universally supported MP3 recording for extended recording time with excellent sound quality.

• Extended Recording and Playback Time on a Single Battery
Advanced LSI technology achieves top-class sonic quality as well as low power consumption. Using the most accurate linear PCM recording mode you can record continuously for up 22 hours and 30 minutes on a single battery charge, or record in MP3 format for up to 50 hours.

• Automatic or Manual Record Level Adjustment
Turn ALC (Auto Level Control) ON for automatic record level control, or OFF for precise manual adjustment capability. In manual mode the record level meter and PEAK indicator can be used to set recording level in 80 discrete steps.

• MicroSD/MicroSDHC Card Support
The POCKETRAK CX records to tiny, widely available MicroSD memory cards of the same type that you might use in your mobile phone. High-capacity MicroSDHC cards are also supported for even longer recording time.

• Advanced Features for Superior Recording
Features previously unheard of in IC recorders – low-cut filter, peak limiter, record EQ, and more – make it possible to produce recordings of outstanding quality.

• Recycle Bin Function
Deleted audio data is not immediately erased from the unit’s memory, but placed in a “recycle bin” from where it can be recovered. This helps to prevent accidental loss of important data.

• A Comprehensive Range of Accessories
The POCKETRAK CX comes supplied with stereo headphones, a USB cable, reusable Eneloop battery, Cubase AI 4 DAW software, a windscreen, a carrying pouch, a 2 GB MicroSD memory card, and a microphone stand adaptor.

* The recording time when recording in linear PCM format is approximately 3 hours (2 GB file size).

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