Floppy Disk Drive Is Not Functioning

Last Update: 02/12/2004

NOTE: This solution applies to all Yamaha models with 3.5 inch floppy disk drives.

The floppy disk drives built into Yamaha products feature a precision magnetic read/write head. After extensive usage, the read/write head can pick up a layer of magnetic particles. This may eventually lead to read and/or write errors, or cause the drive to read some floppy disks and not others.

To maintain the disk drive in optimum working order, Yamaha recommends that a commercially-available dry-type head cleaning disk be used to clean the head about once a month. Head-cleaning disks are available at most Yamaha Dealers or Computer/Electronics Retailers. Click on Locate a Dealer, found at the top of this page, to locate a Yamaha Dealer in your area.

NOTE: Most floppy disk cleaning kits can be used either dry or wet. Yamaha does not recommend using the cleaning solution that comes in the cleaning kits. Using the cleaning disk alone should be sufficient.

IMPORTANT: If, after cleaning the head, it is still not possible to read or write the data on any inserted floppy disk, a Yamaha Service Center or Dealer should be contacted.

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