QY100 - Converting Patterns to MIDI information in Song Mode

Last Update: 12/21/2010


Starting from Song mode:


1. Cursor over to the Pt setting and press the [+1/YES] button(this will enable pattern record).


2. Cursor down and selectthe desiredPattern.


3. Press the [MENU], [EDIT]to arrangethe Patterns and Sections.


TIP: Use the down cursor to change measures.

TIP: Press the [MENU] button to select Pattern or Chord Edit.


4. Once the Patterns and Sections are arranged,press [EXIT],[MENU], [JOB].

5.Cursor down to 'Expand Backing' and press [ENTER], andthen [ENTER] again to execute.


6. Pattern and Section arrangement information will be recorded to tracks 9-16 as MIDI Song data.

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