Layering Two Sounds and Recording them.

Last Update: 03/18/2005

This can only be done using a system exclusive message. The message will setup up two tracks to receive on the same midi channel allowing the voices to be layered and recorded.

System Exclusive Message

F0 43 10 4C 08 01 04 00 F7

01 in this message, represents the part number. In this example, 01 equals track two. 02 would represent track three and so on. 00 represents the channel number. 00 in this message means to change the receive channel on track two to receive on channel one.
The following example will layer track one and two together.
  1. Press the [SONG] button.
  2. Cursor down to track number two.
  3. Press the [MENU] button.
  4. Press the [EDIT] button.
  5. Press the [MENU] button.
  6. Press the [INSERT] button.
  7. Change the type from NOTE to Exc.
  8. Cursor to the box labeled 'F0'.
  9. In each blank box, enter the SYS EX message: 43 10 4C 08 01 04 00 F7
  10. Press the [ENTER] button one time.
  11. Press the [SONG] button.
  12. Press the [PLAY] button.
  13. Select the voices you want to use on track number one and track number two.
  14. Play the controlling keyboard and two sounds should be layered together.

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