Turning Local Control OFF for a Part on an RS7000

Last Update: 03/18/2005

When using the RS7000 with external sequencers or other MIDI devices, it may be necessary to turn the RS7000 'Local Control' OFF on a specific Part or Parts. This may be desirable to bypass the RS7000 internal tone generator, to avoid MIDI loops, feedback, or lock-up problems.
To turn Local Control OFF for Part 1, for example, use the following procedure:
  1. While in Song or Pattern mode, press the [SETUP] button repeatedly to display the 'OUT CHANNEL' screen.
  2. For Track (Part) 1, select 'OUT SELECT=TG' and 'OUT CHANNEL=OFF', then 'OUT SELECT=MIDI A' and 'OUT CHANNEL=01'.
Owner's Manual, p. 110, 201

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