Assembling a Song on an RX11/RX15

Last Update: 12/19/2002

1) Press the [PATTERN/SONG] selector button until the red LED labeled 'SONG' is activated.

2) Press the [+1/YES] or [-1/NO] buttons to select the desired Song number.

3) Press the [EDIT] button to enter the Song Edit mode.

NOTE: The LCD panel will prompt for the number of the pattern that will be programmed into part 1 of the song: 'PART 001 = PTN **'.

4) Press the 0-9 white number buttons (two digits) to enter the number of the pattern to be loaded into part 1.

5) Press the [+1/YES] button to proceed to the next part.

6) Repeat Steps 4 and 5 until the last part of the song has been entered.

7) Press the [EDIT] button to exit the Edit mode and return to Song Play mode. The newly programmed song is now available for playback.
Using the Repeat function:
NOTE: The Repeat function when used to help assemble a Song in Edit mode can save a considerable amount of programming time by making it possible to repeat any part or group of parts up to 100 times.
1) Locate the Song part to be repeated using the [+1/YES] or [-1/NO] buttons.

2) Press the [REPEAT] button. 'GO TO PART ***?' will appear on the display.

3) Enter the number of the Part for the segment to be repeated using the white number buttons.

4) Press the [REPEAT] button again to specify the number of times the part is to be repeated. 'REP COUNTS***?' will appear on the display.

5) Enter the desired number of repeats using the white number buttons.

6) Press [REPEAT] again to complete the Repeat entry procedure.

Reference: Owner's Manual, p.17

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