Clearing a single instrument from a pattern on an RX11/RX15

Last Update: 12/19/2002

1) Press the [PATTERN/SONG] selector button until the red LED light labeled 'PATTERN' is activated.

NOTE: The red LED light indicating that the unit is in 'PATTERN' mode is automatically lighted when the RX15 is turned on.

2) Press the [+1/YES] or [-1/NO] buttons to select the Pattern from which to clear the instrument.

3) Press the [CLEAR] button. The message 'CLEAR PTN XX?' will be displayed.

4) Press the Instrument button corresponding to the instrument to be cleared.
EXAMPLE: If the Pattern 'O2' has been selected and it is desired to clear TOM1 from the Pattern, then the [TOM1] button would be pressed. The display would then read 'CLEAR PT02 TOM1?'

5) Press the [+1/YES] button to clear the selected instrument from the Pattern.

Reference: Owner's Manual, p.15

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