Clearing all Patterns on an RX5

Last Update: 12/19/2002

WARNING: ALL pattern data will be deleted. If the current patterns are not expendable, create a backup before preceeding with the following procedure.

1) Press the [UTILITY] button.

2) Press the [JOB] button.

3) Press the [0] button, then press the [5] button. The LCD will display 'Clear all PTNs?'.

4) Press the [+1/YES] or the [START] button. The LCD will display 'Clear Sure?'.

5) Press the [+1/YES] or the [START] button. The LCD will display, 'Clear completed!'.

6) Press the [PATTERN/SONG] button to exit from 'Utility' mode.

Reference: Owner's Manual, p. 59-60

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