Creating and Editing Songs on a RX7

Last Update: 12/19/2002

New Songs can be created and existing Songs can be edited, copied, or expanded to include additional sections and Parts. Up to 20 Songs can be stored in the RX7's internal memory. Each Song can consist of as many as 999 Parts.

Adding Parts to a Song:

Press the [PATTERN/SONG] button once to access Song mode.

NOTE: The LCD will show 'SONG' in the upper left corner of the display indicating the unit is in Song mode. If the display shows 'Select PTN' in the upper left corner of the display the unit is in Pattern mode and the [PATTERN/SONG] button should to be pressed again to enter Song mode.

2) Enter the two-digit number for a Song. The LCD will display data for the selected Song.

3) Press the [REAL TIME WRITE/EDIT SONG] button to enter Song Edit mode. The LCD will display the 'Edit' function and Song number followed by 'Part001 = PTN **'.
NOTE: The '**' (double-asterisk) indicates a blank Part.

4) Enter the number of the Pattern that will be used for Part 1. The '**' (double-asterisk) will be replaced by the number for the Pattern that will be used for Part 1. If a Pattern number is originally displayed it will be replaced when a new Pattern number is entered.

5) Press the [+1/YES] button to move forward to the next Part, or press the [-1/NO] button to move backwards if Patterns already entered for preceding Parts need to be changed.

To insert a Part into a Song:

Press the [-1/NO] or the [+1/YES] button to locate the last of the two Parts between which the desired Part will be inserted.
EXAMPLE: If the desired Part is to be inserted between Parts 2 and 3, Part 3 should be selected. The original Part 3 and any subsequent Parts will be automatically moved up by one Part.

2) Press the [STEP WRITE/INSERT] button. The 'PTN **' parameter field will appear on the bottom right corner of the LCD.

3) Enter the number for the Pattern to be inserted. To cancel entry press the [-1/NO] button.

To Delete a Part in a Song:

NOTE: When a Part has been deleted the next Part will automatically be moved back and will have the same Part number as the deleted Part.

Press the [-1/NO] or [+1/YES] buttons while in Edit mode to locate the Part to be deleted.

2) Press the [QUANTIZE/DELETE]. The LCD will display the prompt 'Delete PTN 0#?'

3) Press the [+1/YES] to confirm deletion, or [-1/NO] to cancel.

Repeating Parts within a Song:

NOTE: Specified Parts, or Groups of Parts, can be repeated up to 99 times, and ''nesting'' (repetitions within repetitions) up to ten levels is also possible.

1) Press the [-1/NO] or the [+1/YES] button while in Song Edit mode to locate the Part to be repeated.

Press the [SWING/REPEAT] button.
NOTE: The LCD will display the Begin Repeat command option '1: II:' and the End Repeat command '2: :II'. An entry of '1' on the numeric keys will enable the Begin Repeat option while an entry of '2' will activate the End Repeat command.

3) Enter '1' to input the Begin Repeat command.

4) Press the [+1/YES] button to select the next Part to repeat if desired, or proceed to Step 5.

5) If no more Parts are to be repeated press the [SWING/REPEAT] button again.

6) Enter '2' to input the End Repeat command. The LCD will display the 'Edit' function, the Song number, and on the second line will appear the Part number followed by ':II x01' (the End Repeat symbol, the multiplication sign and a two-digit number).

7) Enter the desired number of repititions for the selected Part(s) using the Numeric keys.

To Copy a selected Part or Parts to a specified Part:

CAUTION: The Copy function enables the user to copy a Part to a specified location in the Song. Any Parts above the destination Part will be copied over and erased depending on how many Parts are being copied. The copy function is normally used to copy and add new Parts to the end of Song.

Press the [-1/NO] or the [+1/YES] button while in Song Edit mode to locate the Part to which the selected Part(s) will be copied.

NOTE: The upper line of the LCD will display 'from *** - ***' which indicates the first Part to be copied (the first set of ***) through to the final Part (the last set of ***) that will be selected for copying.

2) Enter the three-digit numbers of the first and final Parts to be copied.

3) Press the [+1/YES] or [ENTER] buttons to complete data input.

Reference: Owner's Manual p.17-20

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