Selecting a Voice from a PLG150AN Plug-in Board in a CS6R

Last Update: 03/10/2012

Since different Plug-in Boards can be used in the same Plug-in slot, the 'PLG1' and 'PLG2' Voice Memory locations do not come pre-programmed with Voices for a specific Plug-in Board; Factory 'Plug-in' Voices for a specific board can be loaded into the CS6R via MIDI or a SmartMedia Card.

A PLG150AN Plug-in Board comes with a diskette containing AN Voice Data. To load this data into the CS6R, a MIDI sequencer (software or hardware), capable of transmitting system exclusive data is required.

Once the Plug-in Voice Data is in the CS6R it can be saved to a SmartMedia Card. If the data needs to be loaded again, it can then be done from the Card, thus eliminating the need for an external sequencer.

Click here for 'Saving and Loading data using a SmartMedia Card on a CS6R'.

In addition to the 'Plug-in' Voices used in the 'PLG' memory locations of the CS6R, the PLG150AN also comes with 'Board' Voices stored on the board itself.
NOTE: When loading Voice Data into an CS6R using the 'MIDI' connector, the 'HOST SELECT' switch on the rear panel must be set to 'MIDI'. When using the 'TO HOST' connector, it must be set to 'PC-2' for a PC, or 'Mac' for a Macintosh. Click here for 'Connecting a CS6R with a computer or hardware sequencer'.

Enabling Bulk Data Reception:
1) Press the [UTILITY] button.

2) Turn the (PAGE) knob until 'MIDI Sw' is displayed on the left side of the screen.

3) Turn the (B) knob to turn the 'RcvBulk' switch ON.

Reference: CS6R Owner's Manual, p.166
Loading 'Plug-in' Voice Data:
1) Select ONE of the Voice Data files in the table below, from the supplied diskette.

NOTE: When using this table, it is important to know in which PLG slot the PLG150AN Plug-In Board resides.

2) Load the selected file from the supplied diskette, following the loading procedure of the sequencer being used.

3) Play the file on the sequencer, in order to transmit the voice data into the CS6R.

Reference: PLG150AN Owner's Manual, p. 14-15
Selecting a 'Plug-in' Voice:
1) Press the [VOICE] button.

2) Press the [PLG1] button or [PLG2] button, depending on which location has the desired Plug-in Board.

3) Press the [ENTER] button.

4) Select a Voice (Four methods: a - d)

a) Using the 'BANK/PROGRAM' buttons:
1] Press an [A] - [D] 'Bank' button to select a Voice Bank.

2] Press a [1] - [16] 'Program' button to select a Program Number for a Voice in the chosen Bank.
b) Using the [DEC/NO] and [INC/YES] buttons:
1] Press the [DEC/NO] button to select the previous Voice, and the [INC/YES] button to select the next Voice.
c) Using the (DATA) knob:
1] Turn the (DATA) knob counterclockwise to select the previous Voice, or clockwise to select the next Voice.
d) Using the 'Voice Category Search':
1] Turn the (PAGE) knob until 'VCE Srch' is displayed on the left side of the screen.
2] Turn the (B) knob to select the 'PLG1' or 'PLG2' Voice Memory.
3] Turn the (1) knob to select a Voice Category.

EXAMPLE: 'Pf' = Piano, 'Ba' = Bass.

4] Turn the (2) knob to select a Voice in the chosen Category.

Reference: CS6R Owner's Manual, p.75-78

Selecting a 'Board' Voice:
1) Press the [VOICE] button.

2) Press and hold the [PLG1] or [PLG2] button, and turn the (C) knob to select any 'Board' Voice Bank other than 'INT'.

3) Release the [PLG1] or [PLG2] button and use any of the four Voice selection methods from the section above.

Reference: CS6R Owner's Manual, p.108
PLG_vce1.MID PLG_vce2.MID AN Voice Data

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