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Last Update: 12/23/2010

No Voice Mode on the FS1R
There is no real VOICE mode on the FS1R. Voices (complete DX7 sounds) are used to create Performances.Up to 4 Voices can be combinedin a performance You always play the FS1R in Performance mode. However,you can isolate 1 DX7 Voice and play it, or you could create a Performance with just 1 DX7 Voice in it.

The strength of this module is that you can create such complex synthesizer sounds with several levels of assignable, controllable parameters. In light of the fact that programming FM from scratch is too deep for many, you can think of the thousands of DX sounds as building blocks for sound development. Think of the 1,152 DX7 sounds on board ascomplex source 'waves'. For those that want to dig in and do FM synthesis, there is more than ever to dig into.

Somebody that just wants to play through the DX7 Voices should create a Performance with just 1 layer in it and then search through the Voices- described below.


Part Assign Voice mode Search:

You can search through the hundreds of Voices:

  1. Press the [VOICE] button.
  2. Press the [SEARCH] button.

TIP: This is great when you are assigning a Voice to a Performance Part.



You can mute the other active Voices so that you can concentrate on just the Voice you are currently selecting.

  1. Press the [MUTE/SOLO] button once to mute the current layer.
  2. Press the [MUTE/SOLO] button a second time to solo the current layer.

NOTE: The current Part will be displayed in the lower left corner of the screen.


3. Use the [PART] buttons to select the current Part.

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