MOTIF-RACK ES Notes are Playing when no MIDI data is Being Transmitted to the Rack when Multi Part Editor is being used.

Last Update: 09/29/2010

This can occur when the MOTIF-RACK ES Multi Part Editor MIDI input and output port settings are not set appropriately.
Refer to the following and make the appropriate MIDI input and output port settings.

NOTE: The examples apply to a MOTIF-RACK ES unit connected to a computer running Windows XP via USB (with USB-MIDI Driver ).

MOTIF-RACK ES Multi Part Editor Settings
1. Launch the MOTIF-RACK ES Multi Part Editor.

2. Select Editor Settings from the Settings menu, and set the parameters as shown below. When using the MOTIF-RACK ES on its own, remote input/output port to should be set to: NONE. This parameter is normally used with devices that feature remote control capability, such as the 01X or MOTIF ES.

Remote Input Port = NONE
Remote Output Port = NONE
Input Port = Yamaha MOTIF-RACK ES -1
Output Port = Yamaha MOTIF-RACK ES -1

3. Click the OK button to close the window.

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