MOTIF RACK XS - Assigning Port Settings in Studio Manager and Editor for Windows Users

Last Update: 05/18/2012

NOTE: The instructions below are to be followed after both the Studio manager, as well as the Motif Rack XS editor (NOT THE VST EDITOR), have been installed.

1. Start the Studio Manager.

NOTE: Do NOT start the editor.

2. Go to ‘File’ and ‘Setup’.

3. Select ‘MIDI Settings’.

4. Make sure that all 4 'Yamaha Motif-R XS’ input and output port boxes are checked.

5. Check the ‘MIDI THRU’ box at the bottom left.

NOTE: There are two MIDI thru fields. One right, one left.

6. Assign the left ‘MIDI Thru’ port to ‘Yamaha Motif-R XS-3’.

7. Assign the right ‘MIDI Thru’ port to ‘Yamaha Motif-R XS-1’.

8. Click ‘Apply’.

9. Click ‘Ok’.

10. Double click on the Motif-Rack XS icon.

11. In the XS Editor, go to ‘File’ and ‘Setup’.

12. Select 'USB'.

13. Click on Details 'OFF' to switch it to 'ON'.

14. Assign MIDI KB In to MOTIF-R XS-3.

15. Assign MIDI OUT to MOTIF-R XS-1.

16. Port 4 MIDIIn and Out’ settings are set to Motif-R XS-4.

17. Click on the green ‘Offline’ icon.

NOTE: Confirm the same settings; ‘MIDI KB In’ is set to Yamaha MOTIF-R XS-3. ‘MIDI OUT’ is set to MOTIF-R XS-1. ‘Port 4’ info, again, remains set to Motif-R XS-4.

18. Select 'Start'.

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