creating layers and splits on Motif XS Rack

Last Update: 08/17/2013

How to Layer and Split on the MOTIF XS RACK

First initialize a “Multi” on the unit.  Please follow the instructions below to initialize a “Multi”

1) Select a 'MULTI 'that is available to clear.

2) While holding down the [MULTI] button, press [ENTER].

3) Press [STORE] when finished.

Choose sounds for parts 1 and 2.

1) Push the dial for [CATEGORY SEARCH]

2) Choose an instrument bank then press [ENTER]

3) Choose a voice then press [ENTER]

4) Use the cursor right button to choose part 2. 

NOTE: You should see the parts change in the top right corner of the display “P1-P16”

5) Repeat steps 1-3 in this procedure to choose the second for part 2.

Now that we have 2 sounds assigned to  parts 1 and 2 we will now create our layer then split.

1) Press [EDIT]

2) Select part 2 then press [ENTER]

3) Select [VOICE] then press [ENTER]

4) Set the “RC CH” for part 2 to channel 1.  Parts 1 and 2 should both be setup to receive on channel 1.

            ****We should now hear both sounds layered

5) Press [EXIT] then select “Play Mode” and press [ENTER]

6) In play mode change “Note Limit Lo” and Note Limit Hi”  on parts 1 and 2 to create the split.

For Example:   If you would like Part 1 to be the lower voice and Part 2 to be the upper voice and the split at middle C; follow these settings:

Part 1

Note Limit Lo    C-2

Note Limit Hi     B 3

Part 2

Note Limit Lo    C 3

Note Limit Hi     G 8

****Be sure to Store the multi when complete.

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