Mastering an Audio CD from a Set of WAV Files Using Easy CD Creator 4

Last Update: 11/13/2010

WAV files can be mastered to a blank CD-R disk in order to create an audio CD that will play in standard home or car audio CD players. The procedure below can also be applied to most audio CD mastering software.
1. Insert a blank CD-R disk into the CD-R or CD-RW drive.

2. Start the Easy CD Creator application. The main menu will be displayed on the screen.

3. Click the button.

4. Click the button again. The main application window will be displayed on the screen.

5. Navigate to and open the folder that contains the WAV files in the 'Explorer' window. The individual files that are located in the folder will be displayed in the window to the right of the 'Explorer' window.

6. Click and hold on the WAV file to be mastered to CD and drag it to the 'CD Layout' window. The selection will be added to the 'Audio CD Layout'. Repeat steps 5 and 6 until all WAV files are added to the 'Audio CD Layout'.

7. Click the button to begin the mastering process.

Once the CD is created, it must be finalized in order for it to be playable in a home or car CD player.

8. Click the button to finalize the CD.

9. Click the button to return to the Easy CD Creator main application window.

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