Differences between the TO HOST port and MIDI I/O when connecting to a Personal Computer

Last Update: 04/14/2004

The TO HOST port on a Yamaha MIDI device makes it possible to exchange MIDI data with a PC, or Mac, via the personal computer's serial port, eliminating the need for a dedicated MIDI interface. For a Yamaha MIDI device to communicate with a personal computer via the MIDI IN/OUT port, however, the system must include a MIDI interface, or MIDI compatible sound card.

A Yamaha MIDI device requires MIDI cables in order to connect with the MIDI IN/OUT of the MIDI interface. The TO HOST port requires a special TO HOST serial cable for a PC (Yamaha Part Number CCIBM), or Mac (Yamaha Part Number CCMAC).

NOTE: IBM-compatible PCs connected to HOST PORT models also require the installation of the Yamaha CBX Driver.
Despite differing device and connectivity requirements, there is no difference between the quality of the MIDI signal via the TO HOST port and the MIDI IN/OUT ports.

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