Sequencing with a Breath or Wind Controller Plugged into a VL70M

Last Update: 11/09/2004

The VL70M MIDI Out jack will allow incoming MIDI signals to pass through it like a THRU jack. This makes it possible to send breath control to other modules. However, when the VL70M is used simultaneously as a controller and sound module with a sequencer, undesirable 'MIDI loops' may be created as the signal feeds into the computer and then feeds back into the VL70M again. A MIDI loop can cause doubling, lockups, etc. For this reason, the 'VL-XG' mode automatically sets the VL70M 'Note Filter' to filter out incoming MIDI Channel 1 notes. This prevents the re-transmission of MIDI data while recording.

However, when playing back a recorded sequence on MIDI Channel 1 the VL70M will not respond to incoming data at the MIDI IN jack, because the Note Filter is filtering out MIDI Channel 1 notes. Therefore, in order to hear a sequencer track trigger the VL70M after being recorded, the VL70M Note Filter must be set to 'Thru'.

NOTE: If unit does not work call Yamaha Customer Suppport at (714) 522-9000.

Changing the VL70M Note Filter Settings:
  1. Plug the unit into a power source.
  2. Press the [UTIL] button.
  3. Press the [ENTER] button.
  4. Press the 'SELECT' [>] button repeatedly until 'NoteFilter' is displayed in the screen.
  5. Use the 'VALUE' [-] and [+] buttons to select 'ch01' - 'ch16' or 'Thru'.

Reference: Owner's Manual, p. 99

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