Yamaha Drums Custom Orders

Last Update: 12/01/2010

There are certain situations where Yamaha might consider making a custom/special order. Here are some examples:

  1. The finish has been discontinued, IE: Iron Pearl, Oriental Gold etc.
  2. The series has been discontinued, IE: Beech Custom, Stage Custom Standard etc.
  3. The customer would like a special or custom color on a current line, IE: Green Sparkle on Oak Custom.
  4. The customer would like an older or discontinued style lug, badge, hoop or other spec. on a current line drum.
  5. The customer would like a special or discontinued size on a current line drum, IE: 15” floor tom, 20x14 BD etc.

Every request is handled on a case by case basis. To get started, please contact the local Yamaha Drums dealer and go over the request in detail.  The dealer can then contact Yamaha to convey all required information to determine whether a custom order can or cannot be accomplished.  

NOTE: Custom orders will generally carry an up-charge and a 6 mo. delivery time from order date.

Again, every situation is different.  Sometimes a custom order is not possible. Many times the reason for this is simply materials for that line or specification are no longer available.

Here are just a few examples of drums and specs that either never were, or are no longer available as a custom/special order:

  1. Stage Custom, Stage Custom Standard, Stage Custom Advantage (long lug), Stage Custom Advantage (split lug), and Stage Custom Nouveau.
  2. Stage Custom Birch in Gold Metallic, Raspberry Metallic and Dark Blue Metallic only.
  3. Rydeen, Power V, Power V Special, DP Series, YD series.
  4. Oak Custom in Matte Sedona Red Oak, Matte Ozark Black, Blue Ridge Blue Oak, Matte Natural, Blue Sparkle, Habanera Sparkle and Bryce Canyon Brown.
  5. Tour Custom MOTO-X
  6. Tour Custom in Sakura White and Ocean Blue only.
  7. ANY Beech Custom or Beech Custom Absolute Drum.
  8. ANY Maple Custom (gold lug).
  9. Add on drums for Hip Gig Jr. (Manu Katche Jr. Kits) were not offered and cannot be custom ordered.
  10. Absolute Maple or Birch drums in Blue Oyster, Green Marble, Blue Marble, Iron Pearl, Purple Pearl Fade, Yellow Pearl Fade, Pink Pearl Fade, Black Pearl Fade, Mint Candy, Oriental Gold, Gold Flakes, Snake, Stone Pavement, Earth, Rainbow, Psychedelic White, Iridescent Purple, Dark Blue Stone, Black Marine Pearl and Sketched Orange.
  11. Any drum with the Original SQUARE, GOLD BADGE for Maple and Birch Custom Absolute.


NOTE: Current Stage Custom Birch, Tour Custom, Rock Tour kits and add-on drums are not available in custom finishes or specifications.

NOTE: Signature products are NEVER available in custom finishes or specifications.

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