Warranty Period for Yamaha Products.

Last Update: 09/25/2014

Warranty Period  for Yamaha Products.


Original owners that purchase any NEW Yamaha product(s) from a Yamaha Authorized Dealer are entitled to a Manufacturer's Warranty. Yamaha’s Manufacturer’s Warranty covers defects in materials or workmanship for the stated periods, and will cover cost of parts and labor due to said defects. The Warranty does not cover damage, deterioration or malfunction resulting from accident, negligence, misuse, abuse, improper installation or operation or failure to follow instructions according to the Owner’s Manual for the product. Make sure to keep a copy of your purchase receipt, as proof of purchase is necessary for any and all Warranty Service Claims.

Here are the Warranty Periods for Yamaha’s non-Band & Orchestra Musical, Live Sound and Recording products. For further information about Yamaha’s Warranty specific to your product category or specific product, please visit:


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