Edit the MIDI Notes Transmitted by the DTX-Multi 12 Pads

Last Update: 05/24/2014

NOTE: When using the DTX Multi 12 as a MIDI controller, each pad can transmit up to 4 MIDI notes (1 note per layer).  To edit the notes transmitted for each pad's 4 layers:

1. Press the [KIT] button and choose a kit.

2. Press the [MIDI] button.

3. Press the [LEFT] button to select the MIDI 1 page.

4. Strike the pad that you would like to edit.  You will see that the screen displays the pads number.

5. Use the [+] or [-] buttons to make sure that the MessageType is set to "note".

6. Press the [ENTER] button.

7. Press the [LEFT] button to display the MIDI1-1 page.

8. Use the [+] or [-] buttons to set the Mode to "stack".

9. Press the [RIGHT] arrow for the MIDI1-2 page.  The upper part of the page will show layer A, B, C or D.

10. Press the [VΛ] button till the layer is blinking.

11. Use the [+] or [-] buttons to select A.

12. Press the [VΛ] button to select the note on the bottom half of the screen.  

13. Set the note to the desired MIDI note value.

14. Repeat steps 10-13 to set layers B, C and D.  To only transmit one MIDI note per pad press the [-] button till these layers display "off".

15. When all notes are set press the [STORE] button to store the kit.  

16. Select a USER kit location.

17. Press the [ENTER] button.  Press the [ENTER] button again to execute the store.

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