Assigning a Pattern to Start and Stop by Striking a Pad.

Last Update: 11/14/2013

NOTE: This procedure is done after a pattern has been recorded and saved to the user pattern section.

1. Press the [KIT] button and select the kit you wish to use/edit.

2. Press the [VOICE] button.

3. Strike the pad the pattern is to be assigned to.

4. Press the [
] button and make sure the category letters are blinking (i.e. the Kk, Hh, or Sn will blink).

5. Hold down the [+] button until P  or U appears.

NOTE: This is referring to either the preset
(P) or user (U) patterns.

6. Press the [
] button once to now access 001, which will blink.

7. Use the [ + ] / [ - ] buttons to select which pattern to use.

8. To loop the pattern until the pad is struck again, press the [PTN] button.

9. Press the [
] button until COMMON is displayed.

10. Press the [ENTER] button.

11. Use the [ + ] button to assign ON to loop.

12. Press the [STORE] button to store to a USER KIT.

NOTE: The PATTERN should now loop when the pad is struck and stop playing when the pad is struck a second time.

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