Loading MIDI Songs From Musicsoft Downloader

Last Update: 11/16/2012

DTX400 Series - Loading Midi Songs From Musicsoft Downloader

1) Download Musicsoft Downloader from Yamaha Download Site:  http://download.yamaha.com.

2) Download the USB/MIDI driver compatible with your computer operating system.

3) Install both of these, unzipping first if necessary.

4) Connect the DTX400 module to the PC with a USB cable and click on  [CONNECTION CHECK] to verify that the module and the PC are communicating.

5) Prepare the type 0 midi files to be loaded by renaming the file, inserting a two digit number from one to ten at the beginning of the title 01,02,03 etc. plus the title. 
NOTE: A maximum of ten songs with total max size of 700mb can be transferred. Place these prepped files in a folder with an easily recognizable name.

6) Click on [ADD FILE] at top of downloader screen.

7) Select a file to be loaded and click on [OPEN]. This will temporairily store the file in the Musicsoft Downloader in the upper half of the window.

8) Select the destination for the file by clicking on [ELECTRONIC MUSICAL INSTRUMENT]  in the bottom half of the page, on the left.

9) When the Song data is received, the [KIT], [SONG], and [TRAINING] buttons will now light up.

10) Select the destination memory area by clicking [FLASH MEMORY] at the left of the main display.

11) Select the Song files to be transferred from the list of temporarily stored files in the top half of the
main display, and then click the [MOVE] button.

12) You will be asked to confirm if you wish to proceed. Click the Cancel button in this window to bypass the process without transferring.  Choose ok to continue.

13) Confirm song has been loaded by entering song mode, enter the 2 digit number in the song title previously added and press the [PLAY] button.


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