DTX500 Hi-Hat Adjustment

Last Update: 07/27/2011

Hi-hat adjustment is used to determine the point at which the hi-hat closes when the hi-hat pedal (Foot Controller) is depressed. It is also possible to set the threshold at which a footsplashe is produced.  This setting is only valid when a foot controller is connected to the (HI HAT CONTROL) jack.

NOTE: This setting has no effect on a foot controller connected to any other jack.

1) Press the [SHIFT] + [SAVE/ENTER] buttons to view Utility Page 1.

2) To set the point at which the hi-hat closes, move the flashing cursor to the “HHofs=” value then use the [JOG] dial to adjust the value. The range of adjustment is -32 to 0 to +32.  Smaller values produce a shallower closing point.

3) To set the ease at which foot splashes are produced move the flashing cursor to the "T=" value, then use the [JOG] dial to adjust the value.Settings include “off” and a range of 1 to 127. Larger values make foot splashes that are long and easier to produce. When this is set to “off,” foot splashes are not produced.

NOTE: Too high a value will make foot splashes too easy to produce resulting in the continuous production of foot splashes when the pedal is held down continuously.

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