How to Register, Activate and Install the Cubase AI6 Software that Came With my Yamaha Product

Last Update: 08/14/2014

How to Register, Activate and Install the Cubase AI6 Software that Came With my Yamaha Product

1) Launch the Cubase Start Center from the Cubase CD provided with the Yamaha product and select the preferred language. 

2) Choose "Install" from the list of options on the main page.

3) Download and install the latest version of the eLicenser Control Center from the eLicenser website:

4) Run the eLicenser Control Center program.

5) Write down the Soft-eLicenser number (two 10 digit strings of numbers/letters) under "eLicensers," as you will need it.
NOTE: Be careful of the numerical zeros 0 and the letter O as they are both used and then minimize the program. If no Soft-eLicenser number is shown upon startup, run "Maintenence" within eLicenser Control Center, and one will appear.

6) Go to

7) Click on “My Steinberg” at the top of the page.

8) Sign-in to your user account, or create an account if you don’t have one.

TIP: Remember to write down your password for future reference.

9) Click on "Add Software."

10) Select Cubase AI from the list, and then Cubase AI6 from the next list.

11) Enter in your eLicenser number (the two 10 digit numbers you'd written down in Step (3), including the dash).

12) Select "Yamaha Corporation" as the hardware manufacturer, and click "Continue."

13) Your activation code will now appear. Write it down and also copy it by highlighting with your mouse and clicking Ctrl+C.

14) Go back to the eLicenser Control Center and click on the green "Enter Activation Code" button.

15) Paste your Activation Code into the # sign boxes (Ctrl+P) and then “Continue”.

16) Click on "Download License."

17) "License Download Complete" will appear and Cubase AI6 is ready for use.


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