Adding an Extra Pad

Last Update: 02/25/2014

Connection options:

A. The Yamaha Kick Pad has an input which will allow the use of an an additional pad.

B. A Y-Cable (One end will be a stereo 1/4 phone jack, the other will be dual mono 1/4 phone jacks).


1. Connect single ended stereo cable to the '10Kick/11' input jack.

2. Load the desired Drum Kit

3. Press the [F2] 'Voice'

4. Press the [SF1] 'Select'

5. Press the [SF5] until you see 'Source' in upper corner of display

6. Strike the first Pad that the voice is to be assigned to.

7. Use the [DATA] dial to select the voice type (Kick, Snare, Tom etc).

8. Strike the second pad, and repeat step 7

9. Press [Enter] twice and [Yes] once to store the settings to the a User kit.

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