DTX900M Dimm Memory Information

Last Update: 02/01/2013

DTX900M Dimm Memory Information:

Sampling memory included as standard.  The DTX900M comes with 512 MB of sampling memory (SDRAM) built in. Accordingly, external audio can be sampled
without the need for a separately-sold memory chip (DIMM).

Because of the addition of SDRAM, separately-sold memory chips (DIMM) can no longer be installed.  Accordingly, the Optional DIMM Installation section of the Owner’s Manual (on pages 147 to 149) does not apply to the DTX900M.  Whenever you encounter the phrase “DIMM (sold separately)” in the Owner’s Manual, you should interpret it as meaning “SDRAM (built-in)”.  SDRAM supports both writing and deleting of data; however, the content of this memory is cleared whenever the power is turned off.

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