DTX EXPRESS2 Drum Voice Volume Editing.

Last Update: 11/07/2013

DTX EXPRESS2 Drum Voice Volume Editing.


1) Recall the kit you wish to edit,

2) Hit the pad that is too loud or too soft. This chooses it for editing.

3) Press the [VOICE] button.

4) Using the [PAGE UP] and [PAGE DOWN] arrows go to the volume page.

5) Using the [SEL RIGHT/LEFT] arrow buttons,  cursor to the vol value.

6 ) Using the [+ ]and [-  ] buttons, adjust the  volume value on the pad.

7 ) when one pad is volume edited , just hit the next pad to be edited and repeat till all pads are at       satisfactory volume.

8) Save the kit to a user location by pressing the [SAVE/ENTER] button.  Choose a user kit number to save to and press [ENTER] again.   Recall this edited kit for performance use.   


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