How to Reset the User Memory to the Initial Factory Settings on the DTXTREMEIII

Last Update: 09/28/2010

When the factory settings are restored, all the data you created in each
mode will be erased. Make sure you are not overwriting any important
data. Be sure to save all important data to a USB storage device before
executing this procedure.

  1. Press the UTILITY button to enter the Utility mode.
  2. Press the F6 FACTSET button to call up the Factory Set display.
  3. Move the cursor to the checkbox of the desired mode then enter or remove the checkmark by using the data dial,INC/YES button or DEC/NO button.
  4. Press the ENTER/STORE button.
  5. The display prompts you for confirmation. Press the DEC/NO button or EXIT button to cancel the operation.
  6. Press the INC/YES button to execute the Factory Set operation.
  7. After the Factory Set has been completed, a Com-pleted message appears and operation returns to the original display.

For Factory Set operations that take longer to process, a message Executing or Please keep power on. appears during processing. While such a message is shown (while data is being written to Flash ROM), never attempt to turn off the power. Turning the power off in this state results in loss of all user data and may cause the system to freeze (due to corruption of data in the Flash ROM). This means that this instrument may not be able to start up properly, even when turning the power on next time.

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