DIMM that can be Used with the DTXTREMEIII

Last Update: 05/06/2011

Check the list below for DIMMs that have been tested for proper operation with the DTXT3.

*as of February 2008
BUFFALO 256M VB133-256M
256M VS133-256M
GreenHouse 256M GH-SVM133/256MB
128M GH-SD133/128M
ADTEC 128M ADF133A-128
256M ADF133A-256
ELECOM 128M ES133-128M
256M ES133-256M
I-O DATA 256M S133-256MZ
128M HS-BDN128BF
256M HS-BDN256BF

Please use a pair of DIMM as a set. They should be of the same manufacturer, model and capacity.

The manufacturer may alter the above mentioned DIMM without notice. Depending on the change, there's a possibility of it not working properly with DTXT3.

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