Recording a User Song on a DD55

Last Update: 12/23/2003

The DD55 can record a user playing the pads by themselves, or along with an existing Song (#00-99), as a 'Custom Song'.

IMPORTANT: If the 'CU' Song is selected BEFORE recording, the recording will not work; Song CU is for playback only. To make a recording, one Song from '00' - '99' must be selected.
  1. Press the [SONG] button and dial any song from '00' - '99'.
  2. Mute any Song Tracks that are not desired by pressing the appropriate 'TRACK MUTE' buttons ([DRUM1], [DRUM2], [DRUM3], or [BACKING]). The red LED indicator lights will turn OFF when muted.

NOTE: If all the pads are to be recorded by themselves mute all the Tracks.

  1. Press the [KIT] button.
  2. Turn the (DIAL) to select a Drum Kit.
  3. Press the [TEMPO] button.
  4. Turn the (DIAL) to set the desired Tempo.
  5. Press the [REC] button to begin recording.
  6. Play the Pads.
  7. Press the [START/STOP] button to stop recording.

WARNING: To retain custom data such as a Custom Song in the DD55 memory when the unit is unplugged, 6 'C' cell batteries must be installed.

Reference: Owner's Manual, p. 20

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