Alternate Foot Pedals for a DD55

Last Update: 10/05/2004

For a more realistic drum pedal feel, a Yamaha KP60, KP65, KP80, KP80S or KP120 Electronic Kick Tower Pad may be used in place of Pedal 1, and a Yamaha HH80 Electronic Hi Hat Tower or FC4 Pedal may be used in place of Pedal 2. (An FC5 Pedal can also be used in place of Pedal 2, but it is small so it will feel about the same as the original pedal.) These alternative foot pedals add the look, feel and durability of real drum pedals.

IMPORTANT: The newer Yamaha HH60, HH65, and HH80A Electronic Hi-Hat Towers will NOT work with the DD55.

The Yamaha KP60, KP65, KP80S, KP120 can typically be purchased at all Yamaha Drum Dealers. The KP80 and HH80 have been discontinued and may be harder to find.

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