Creating and Retrieving a Custom Kit

Last Update: 03/18/2005

Because the unit does not default to Kit mode when it is first turned on, the [KIT] button needs to be pressed before selecting the Custom Kit.
  1. Press the [PAD] button.
  2. Strike a desired pad.
  3. Select a desired Voice either by tapping the pad repeatedly, or by turning the Data Dial.
  4. Repeat steps 2 - 3 for other desired pads. These settings are automatically stored to the Custom Kit location.
  5. Press the [KIT] button. The screen will display 'CU' for the Custom Kit, and it can now be played.
Selecting the Custom Kit after the unit has been turned OFF:
  1. Power ON the unit.
  2. Press the [KIT] button.
  3. Turn the Data Dial to display 'CU' in the screen.

WARNING: To retain custom data such as a Custom Song in the DD55 memory when the unit is unplugged, 6 'C' cell batteries must be installed.

Owner's Manual, p. 11

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