Setting the MIDI Note Number Assignments on a DD50

Last Update: 12/23/2003

When playing the pads and pedals of a DD50, each pad or pedal transmits a corresponding 'MIDI Note Number' out of the 'MIDI OUT' jack.

The default settings are as follows:

Pad 1 E1 40 Snare Drum Hi
Pad 2 D2 50 High Tom
Pad 3 B1 47 Mid Tom
Pad 4 G1 43 Low Tom
Small Pad 1 A2 57 Crash Cymbal
Small Pad 2 D#2 51 Ride Cymbal
Small Pad 3 A#1 46 Hi-Hat Open
Pedal 1 B0 35 Bass Drum Mid
Pedal 2 G#1 44 Hi-Hat Pedal
Pedal 2 + Small Pad 3 F#1 42 Hi-Hat Closed

If desired, the MIDI Note Number assignments may be changed in order, for example, to map the DD50 to the Voices of an external tone generator. Assignments are made using the actual Note ''value'', ranging from C -2 to G8. The relationship between the Note Values and the Note Numbers are as follows:

Note Name: C -2 = Note Number: 0...Note Name: G8 = Note Number: 127, etc.

Setting the MIDI Note Numbers:
  1. Press the [START/STOP] and [DEMO] buttons simultaneously to enter the 'MIDI/Utility' mode.

NOTE: Normal operation of the Pads and Pedals are disabled while in MIDI/Utility mode.

  1. Press the 'Assign' [KIT] button. The Note value for Pad 1 will appear on the display. ( See the ''Default MIDI Note Assignments'' table above for the MIDI note number value. )
  2. Strike the Pad or press the Pedal for which the MIDI note number is to be changed. The currently assigned Note value will appear on the display.

NOTE: Sharp Notes are indicated by a 'dot' on the upper-left side of the display. Note values ranging from C -2 to B -1 are also indicated by a 'dot' on the upper-middle of the display, between the two values.

EXAMPLE: C ''dot'' 1 = C -1

  1. Assign the Note Value (MIDI note number).
    1. Turn the (DIAL) until the desired Note is displayed.
    1. Strike the Pad or press the Pedal repeatedly. Each time the Pad is struck or Pedal is pressed, the Note value will increase by one.
  1. Repeat steps 3 - 4 for all Pads requiring new MIDI note number assignments.
  2. Press the [START/STOP] and [DEMO] buttons simultaneously again to exit the 'MIDI/Utility' mode and return to normal Play mode.

Reference: Owner's Manual, p.17, 20, 24-25

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