Electric Acoustic Guitar Preamp Controls

Last Update: 04/22/2011

1)  Battery led flashes once when guitar cable is plugged in indicating a good battery, no flash indicates a dead battery. Battery life is 140 hours with long life alkaline batteries. If the cord is left plugged in the battery will continue to drain even if not plugged into an amp.    

2)  Tuner on button engages the tuning function. Left tuning arrow indicates a flat string pitch. Right tuning arrow indicates a sharp string. Both arrows on indicate tuned to pitch. Sharp and flat notes are indicated next to note symbol.

3)  Low, Midrange and high eq sliders adjust their relative bands with the midrange control being frequency adjustable by the adjustable midrange control or AMF.

4) The Volume knob controls guitar output volume to the amplification system.

5)  Some preamp systems have multiple pickups and possibly a microphone so will have several volume controls that can be “Blended” to the users personal taste.

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