Planing the Bridge Saddle on Acoustic Electric Guitars Using the System 62

Last Update: 06/22/2011

Guitars with this pickup system include APX1200,CPX1200,LJX16CPand LJX26CP  The pickup and saddle are  a combined unit and must  be separated before the bottom of the bridge saddle can be planed to lower the string action ,

1) Remove the saddle assembly and cable from the guitar.

2) Remove the screw that connects the pickup to the saddle.

3) Plane the bottom of the bridge until the calculated string height reduction is achieved.

NOTE: This is a delicate operation.  Go slowly or you will be replacing the saddle.

4) Reassemble, making sure that the bridge slot is free of debris and reinstalling shims if any are present.

NOTE: Be careful not to strip the screw threads in the bottom of the saddle.


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