THR10 Amp Models

Last Update: 09/25/2013

Clean (American Tube Amp- 6L6)
Crunch (British Class A- EL84)
Lead (Low Gain British- EL34)
British Hi Gain (EL34)
Modern (Hi Gain- 6L6)
Bass (Hi Power Tube)
Acoustic (Ideal for Acoustic Electric)
Flat (Flat Response ideal for non-guitar sources)
Deluxe (6L6)
Class A (EL84)
US Blues (EL84)
British Blues (KT88)
MINI (Boutique like- EL84)
Bass, Acoustic, Flat (Same as THR10)
Power I ("Crunch Ch" European 6L6)
Power II ("Lead Ch" European 6L6)
Brown I ("Crunch Ch" U.S. 6L6)
Brown II ("Lead Ch" U.S. 6L6)
Southern Cali Hi (U.S. 6550 Tubes)
Clean (Classic American 6L6 12" Speaker)
Bass, Flat
Condensor (Microphone)
Dynamic (Microphone)
Tube (Microphone)
Nylon (Ideal for Nylon String Guitars)
Electric Guitar Clean (Classic American Low Gain Tube Amp)

THR-5 THR-10 THR-10C THR-10X

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