Why should I have to setup my new guitar?

Last Update: 03/15/2016

Why should I have to setup my new guitar?

Some customers ask, "Why should I pay for a new guitar to be set up? Shouldn't a brand new, expensive guitar be set up properly from the factory?" The answer isn't necessarily "yes."  Let me clarify. Not everyone plays the same way. Different players with different styles need different setups. Some like a high guitar action, some like a low guitar action. What you consider a good setup may well not be what another player would consider a good setup. As a result, a factory-built Yamaha guitar will come with a compromise setup, one designed to please as many players as possible and to require the least money to locally adjust to a particular player's style. For instance, to properly raise a low acoustic guitar action, the end user would have to supply a new saddle and nut. If the manufacurer supplies the instrument with an action set slightly higher and lets a local tech take it down, that expense isn't incurred.

If you have any quesitons regarding your Yamaha guitars setup please call product support at 714.522.9000, Monday-Friday 8:30am-5pm Pacific Time.
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