SLG Measurements and Specs

Last Update: 05/27/2011


SLG110N          SLG110S          SLG130NW

Scale Length                     650mm             633.6mm          650mm

Total Length                       950mm             985mm             950mm

Total Width                        363mm             362mm             363mm

Total Weight                       1.8kg               1.9kg                1.8kg

Neck Width 0-F / 14-F

                               50.0mm / 60,0mm    43mm / 54mm     52.0mm / 62.0mm

Material                            Rosewood         Rosewood         Ebony

Fingerboard Radius            Flat                  R400mm           Flat

Pickups                         B-Band (EMF)  L.R.Baggs (Element) B-Band (EMF)

Nut                               50mm (Wh)         43mm (Wh)         52mm (Wh)

Saddle                          82mm (Wh)         81.3mm (Wh)      82mm (Wh)

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