Checking ROM Version and Updating a PSR3000

Last Update: 06/28/2012

Checking ROM Version:
While holding down the C#2, F2 and G#2 keys, turn the PSR3000 power ON.Once the unit is on, release the keys.Press the [TEMPO +] button.Press the [START/STOP] button. The 'Main Program' ROM Version Number is displayed in the display.
Click here to verify the latest ROM Version, and download it if necessary.

Installing the latest ROM Version:
NOTE: A 'Smart Media Card Reader' (available in most computer stores for about $10) is required for the following procedure. This device plugs into a USB connection on a computer and allows files to be copied directly to a Smart Media Card.
Unzip and extract the update files to the root directory of a Smart Media Card (using an attached Smart Media Card Reader).

IMPORTANT: Step 2 MUST be performed in order for the files to transfer properly.
Right-click on the Smart Media Card Reader icon and select 'Eject'.Pull the Smart Media Card out of the Smart Media Card Reader.Turn the PSR3000 OFF.Insert the SMart Media Card into the Smart Media Card slot in the front of the PSR3000.While holding down the [START/STOP] button, turn the PSR3000 power ON. The 'Program Installer ver. 1.01' screen is displayed.Press the [START/STOP] button again to begin the update. When the update is complete, the screen will return to the normal 'MAIN' screen view.

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