Punch In Recording

Last Update: 03/16/2012

TIP: Once recording on a MIDI Track of the Keyboard is completed, the Song returns to the first measure. However, recording can be started and ended at specific measures within the Track, if desired. This is called Punch In/Out Recording.

NOTE: In order for Punch In/Out Recording to work, there must be something to punch into. In other words, this can only be done on Track that already has data on it, not a blank Track.

Punch In/Punch Out Recording

Select a desired Song.


Press the [F] 'DIGITAL RECORDING' button.

Press the [A] SONG CREATOR button.

Select the Channel (Track) to be punched in and out of by simultaneously
holding the [REC] button while pressing the '1' - '8' [^] or [v] toggle button
which corresponds to that Channel in the screen. The selected Channel will
display 'REC' in the screen.

Select a Part that the Channel will be recording from:

The MAIN Voice section of the keyboard for Channel 1.

Press and hold [REC], then press one of the 1 8 [^] or [v] toggle
buttons for the desired Channel.

Use the [C] ^ and [D] v buttons to select a Part.

Select the REC MODE tab at the top of the screen by pressing [TAB >]

Press the 1 downb.gif button to select PUNCH IN AT in the screen.

Press the 3 downb.gif button to select the desired Punch In measure.

Press the 4 downb.gif button to select PUNCH OUT AT in the screen.

Press the 6 downb.gif button to select the desired Punch Out measure.

In the SONG section of the front panel, press the [START/STOP] button to
begin recording in the selected section of the Track.

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