Windows XP - Verifying Yamaha USB MIDI Driver Installation and Connectivity

Last Update: 03/26/2013

Note: Applicable for USB "To Host" equipped Yamaha digital instruments and Yamaha USB MIDI interfaces.

To verify the installation of the Yamaha USB MIDI Driver on Windows XP, follow the steps below:

1) After installing the Yamaha USB MIDI Driver and restarting your computer, access the Windows Control Panel and select "Switch to Classic View", if currently in "Category View"

control panel category view.jpg

2) In "Classic View", select the "Yamaha USB MIDI Driver" icon. This will confirm that the driver has been installed.

control panel classic view.jpg

3) To confirm connectivity between the midi device and your computer, view the "Device Name" drop down. Your instrument or device model will be listed (example: UX16).

4) Select "Send All Note ON" to verify MIDI note transmission between the computer and your device. When selected, a note should sound on your instrument.

Note: If using a UX16 USB MIDI interface, ensure that that MIDI ends are properly connected to the instrument in the following fashion: IN>OUT and OUT>IN

driver utility.jpg

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