Editing a Style

Last Update: 06/28/2012

Editing a User Style

A Style part can be swapped, changed or re-recorded by first going to the 'BASIC' section of 'STYLE CREATOR', then clearing one of the 8 Auto Accompaniment Channels (Tracks) for the Style.

Selecting a Style Section:

1) Select the Style to be edited.


2) Press the [DIGITAL REC MENU] , located in the FUNCTION menu.


3) Press the [B] 'STYLE CREATOR' button.


4) Press the [A] button and use the toggle buttons beneath the screen to select

    an Auto Accompaniment 'SECTION' for the Style.


Copying Parts:

If desired, copy Parts from any existing Styles into the 8 different Channels (Tracks) of the new Style.

1) Press the [NEXT] button to display the 'ASSEMBLY' page in the screen.

2) The [A] - [D] and [F] - [I] buttons correspond to the 8 Parts that make up the Style (RHYTHM1, RHYTHM2, BASS, CHORD1, CHORD2, PAD, PHRASE1, and PHRASE2). To select a Part in an existing Style, double click one of the [A] - [D] or [F] - [I] buttons; the chosen Part may then be selected from any of the existing Styles, using the [A] - [J] buttons.

EXAMPLE:  The RHYTHM2 Part from the Style, '60'sGtrPop' may be used for the RHYTHM2 Part in the New Style.

3) Press the [EXIT] button to return to the 'ASSEMBLY' page.

4) Repeat steps 2 - 3 as necessary for the remaining Parts of the Style.

5) Press the [BACK] button to return to the 'BASIC' page


Recording an original Part onto a Channel:

1) Press the [F] 'REC CH' button to display the 8 Record Channels in the screen.


2) Hold down the [J] ‘DELETE' button and then press the toggle button beneath the Channel to be recorded over.

3) Hold down the [F] 'REC CH' button, while pressing the [v] toggle button below the Channel to be recorded over.

4) Select a Voice or Drum Kit for the Channel by first pressing the [^] toggle button below it, and then using the [A] - [J] and toggle buttons to make a selection.

5) Press the [EXIT] button to return to the 'BASIC' screen.


6) Press the black [START/STOP] button in the 'STYLE' section of the front panel. Recording begins and the Metronome click is heard.

7) Play the desired Part on the keyboard.

8) When finished, press the black [START/STOP] button again.


9) Repeat steps 2 - 8 to record other Channels.


10) When finished recording all Channels, press the [EXIT] button once to return

      to the original 'BASIC' screen view.



Saving the User Style:

1) Press the [I] 'SAVE' button to select a destination for storing the User Style.


2) Use the [BACK] and [NEXT] buttons to display the 'USER' or ‘CARD'



3) Press the '6' [v] toggle button to name the User Style.


4) Use the toggle buttons to select the characters for the User Style name.


5) When finished, press the '8' [^] 'OK' toggle button. The User Style is now



6) Press the [EXIT] button twice to return to the 'MAIN' screen

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