Changing Initial Tempo in a Song

Last Update: 06/28/2012

Recording Song Initial Tempo

The initial tempo of a Song is based on the tempo of the current Style, whether or not it is being used in the Song itself; however, this initial tempo can be changed. In addition, continuous tempo changes can be recorded throughout a Song by adjusting the Tempo while recording to a blank Track:



Recording Initial Tempo:

1) With the desired Song selected, press the [DIGITAL REC Menu] button located in the FUNCTION menu


2) Press the [A] 'SONG CREATOR' button.


3) Press the [NEXT] button to display the ‘CHANNEL’ page in the screen.


4) Press the [B] button to select ‘SET UP’ in the screen.


5) Press the 'TEMPO' [-] or [+] button to select a desired Tempo in the screen.


5) Press the [D] ‘EXECUTE’ button to execute the tempo change.


6) Once all the Parts are recorded and the Song is saved, the new initial tempo will be saved with it.

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