Factory Reset

Last Update: 03/31/2017

Procedure 1
While pressing down the C6 key (right-most key on the keyboard), turn the power switch on.

Procedure 2
1. Press the [FUNCTION] button.

2. Press the [I] ('UTILITY') button

3. Use the Tab (left/right) button to select 'SYSTEM' in the display

4. Press the [D] button to execute Factory Reset

*For more detail concerning specific parameters that can be factory reset, see below.

1. Use the [1] up/down buttons to select the desired item.

2. Press the [4] up/down buttons to enter or remove the checkmark.

NOTE: When an item is checked, the corresponding parameters will be reset as described below:

System Set-Up

Resets the System Setup parameters to the original factory settings. Refer to the Data List (Parameter Chart) for details about which parameters belong to System Setup.


Resets the MIDI settings including the MIDI Setups on the USER tab display to the original factory status.


Resets the current Effect settings and the following data:

  • User Effect Types…….page 97
  • User Master EQ Types…….page 100
  • User Vocal Harmony Types (PSR-S950 only…….page 87
  • User Microphone Setting Memories (PSR-S950 only)…….page 82


Resets the Music Finder data (all Records) to the original factory settings.


Deletes all files and folders including the Expansion folder stored in the USER tab display.


Turns off all the Registration Memory [1]–[8] lamps, indicating that no Registration Memory Bank is selected although all the Registration Memory Bank files are maintained.

3. Press the [D] (FACTORY RESET EXECUTE) button to execute the Factory Reset operation for all checkmarked items.

PSRS-750 PSRS-950 PSRS950

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