Basic Song Recording

Last Update: 09/25/2013

1. Press the [REC] and [STOP] at the same time for a new song.

2. Press the [ F ] button (for Right 1).

3. Select an instrument.

4. Then press the [EXIT] button.

5. Make sure Part ON/OFF is set to ON for only RIGHT 1.

Keep in mind that this is OPTIONAL, since RIGHT2 and LEFT can also be used, so step 5 is optional.

6. Press (and hold down) the [REC] button.

7. Press the up 1 button to select and arm track 1.

When this is done, a small window will appear on the left hand side. Use the [ C ] and [ D ] buttons (up and down) to select RIGHT1. This assigns the RIGHT1, 2, or LEFT for this track. In this example it’ll be RIGHT1.

TIP: At this point, either start playing (which starts the recording process), or press the [PLAY] button if recording is required a little later in the song (i.e. the solo).

8. Press the [STOP] button, when recording the part is finished.

9. To select a new instrument and track, simply repeat steps 2-7, using a different track for step 7 each time.


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