Recording Song Tracks From an External MIDI Source

Last Update: 06/30/2012

Recording a Song Track from an External MIDI Device

The on-board sequencer (Song recorder) can be used to record MIDI data from external sources, such as MIDI drum machines, bass pedals, keyboards or computer-based sequencers. This is done by assigning the desired MIDI Receive Channels to 'Keyboard' mode.


1) Press the [FUNCTION] button.


2) Press the [H] ‘MIDI’ button.


3) Use the 'TAB' [<] and [>] buttons to display ‘PRESET’ page in the screen.


4) Press the [A] ‘All Parts’ button.


5) Press the ‘EDIT’ button.


6) Use the 'TAB' [<] and="">] buttons to display ‘RECEIVE’ page in the screen.


7) Use the [A] and [B] buttons to select a desired MIDI Channel.


8) Use the ’2’ [^] and ‘2’ [v] buttons to select 'KEYBOARD' for that Channel. Any MIDI Channels with 'KEYBOARD' selected will receive incoming MIDI data from an external source, which can be recorded onto a corresponding Track in the  'Song Creator’.


9) When recording from an external sequencer or drum machine, you should synchronize  (one as the master and one as the slave) so the timing of the two sequencers stays together:

a) Use the 'TAB' [<] and [>] buttons to display the ‘SYSTEM’ page in the screen.


b) Set 'CLOCK' to 'INTERNAL'.


c) Set 'TRANSMIT CLOCK' to 'ON'.


d) Press the [EXIT] button three times to return to the MAIN screen.


e) Set the MIDI SYNC (or MIDI CLOCK) on the external device to 'External' (of 'MIDI').


f) Begin recording on all the desired tracks on the PSR; as soon as it starts, the external sequencer will also start and remain synchronized through the end of the recording.

To record the MIDI coming in, press and hold REC.

Use the [D] and [F] buttons to select MIDI as input source.

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