Using MFC10 with TYROS 2,3,4

Last Update: 06/29/2012

Using an MFC10 MIDI Foot Controller with a TYROS

The TYROS  contains Setup functions which help to create settings for both itself and the MFC10.

Initial Preparation:


1) Turn ON the MFC10.


NOTE: Make sure that the 2 switches in the back are set to 'NORMAL' and 'MIDI'.


2) Connect a MIDI cable from TYROS 2 'MIDI B OUT' to the MFC10 'MIDI IN'.


3) Select the MIDI Channel for the MFC10:

 a) Press the [MEMORY EDIT] and [FC EDIT] buttons simultaneously.

 b) Press the [INC/YES] or [DEC/NO] buttons to select a MIDI Channel


EXAMPLE: ‘C16’ for MIDI Channel 16.

c) Press the [WRITE/EXIT] button. The LED display will flash.

d) Press the [INC/YES] button to confirm the setting.



Setting up a MIDI Template for use with the MFC10:


1) Turn ON the TYROS .


2) Press the [FUNCTION] button.


3) Press the [H] ‘MIDI’ button.


4) Press the [A] ‘All Parts’ button.


3) Press the ‘6’ ‘SAVE’ button.


6) Use the [<] and [>] buttons to display the ‘MFC10’ page in the screen.


7) Use the [F] and [G] buttons to select ‘MIDI B’ in the screen for the MFC10 connection.


8) Press the [H] ‘CH SELECT’ button repeatedly to select the MIDI Channel which the MFC10 has been set to in the section above.



9) In the TYROS  screen, assign the various MFC10 Foot Switches and Foot Controller(s) to the desired functions.


10) Press the [I] ‘SEND MFC10 SETUP’ button.


11) Press the [F] ‘OK’ button to transmit the new settings to the MFC10.

12) After the message ‘Transmission is completed’ is displayed in the screen, press the [G] ‘OK’ button.


13) Disconnect the MIDI cable from the TYROS  and the MFC10.


14) Re-connect the MIDI cable from the MFC10 ‘MIDI OUT’ to the TYROS 2 ‘MIDI B IN’.


15) On the MFC10, press the [FUNCTION] footswitch to illuminate the LED above it.


The MFC10 buttons and foot controller will now control the assigned functions on the TYROS.



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