Tyros4 - How to Install a Premium Voice

Last Update: 06/22/2013

How to Install a Premium Voice on Tyros4

To purchase and install a premium voice, you must have

  • Immediate access to your Tyros4
  • A USB Storage Device with enough free memory to accommodate your purchased item(s)
  • A Flash Memory Expansion Module installed on your Tyros4

1. Copy the Instrument ID from your Tyros4 to your USB Storage Device

  • Insert a USB storage device into your Tyros4.
  • Press [DIRECT ACCESS] and [EXPANSION] at the same time to reach the OWNER SCREEN.
  • Press [I] to export the Instrument ID.
  • Press [G] to copy Instrument ID to your USB storage device..
  • When copy is complete, press [F].

2. Upload the Instrument ID

  • Unplug the USB storage device from Tyros4 and insert it into the USB port on your computer.
  • Follow the instructions onscreen and upload the file called instrument_id.n26 from the USB storage device to the Yamaha site.

3. Copy Voice & License ID to a USB Storage Device

  • Unzip the downloaded files
  • Connect a USB storage device to your computer and copy the License ID and the Premium Voice file to your USB storage device.
  • (Voice files are in the format PInstrumentName.CV1; The license file will be named license_id.n25)
  • Do not rename the files. Do not place them in a folder.

4. Install Voice & License ID to your Tyros4

  • Insert the USB storage device into Tyros4.
  • Press [DIRECT ACCESS] and [EXPANSION] at the same time to reach the OWNER SCREEN.
  • Press [G], then [J] to import the Voice License.
  • When installation is complete, the upper portion of the OWNER page will display the message: License Key: REGISTERED.
  • Press [G] to confirm installation.
  • Press [FUNCTION]
  • Press [J]. Your Tyros will now display the Pack screen.
  • Select the desired folder of the Pack or Voice by pressing the button next to it one time.
  • Press [F] to continue.
  • Press [G] to install the pack. Do not disconnect your USB storage device from the instrument. You must leave it connected to use your instrument.
  • It may take a few minutes to complete the loading process. Once installation is complete, press [G].

5. Use Voice.

  • Press [EXPANSION].
  • Select the Voice you’d like to use by pressing the corresponding button next to the name.
  • Congratulations, your new voice is now ready to use!

NOTE: If, in the future, you need to redownload your voice(s) or license key(s), visit My Account at Yamahamusicsoft.com.

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