Revoicing One Touch Settings

Last Update: 02/13/2014

1. Select a Style

2. Selet one of the four OTS buttons.

3. Press the [MIXING CONSOLE] button repeatedly until: "Mixing Console (Panel Part)" is displayed at the top of the LCD screen.

4. Press the [H] button.

5. Select the 'Panel Voice' (Right 1, Right 2, Left) to be changed, via the upper portion of toggle buttons directly beneath the LCD display. The voice selection will appear in a separate window. Navigate to the new voice selection you want to change to and select the 'new chosen' voice.

6. Press & hold the [MEMORY] button followed by the [OTS] button selected earlier. This stores the newly selected voice into the temporary OTS buffer memory.

7. Repeat for the other three [OTS] buttons.

NOTE: The following steps below are requred in order to save this newly ammeded style (including OTS) into permanent (Flash) memory.


9. Select Style Creator.

10. Press the [NEXT] button to go to the Assembly Page.

11. Press the [6v] button to select 'SAVE'. This will save this as a new style (which includes the new OTS voice settings).

NOTE: The option to rename the new style is presented at this point. It is not required, but it is recommended in order to remind the user of what changes were made.

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